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Agreement To Sell Bank Guarantee

Bank guarantee or BG MT760 is an irrevocable obligation issued by a bank on behalf of its client at its request. The customer asks his bank to issue BG MT760 as soon as it has entered into a contract to purchase goods or carry out the project. BG MT760 is a promise to the supplier that it will fulfill all financial commitments; If the buyer is late in payment. If the beneficiary is to demand payment, BG must be liquidated. To do so, the seller/contractor must provide the necessary documents, as agreed, to receive the payment. Once the documents have been provided, the Bank will verify the documents containing the terms of the contract. And then, when it is completed, they will make the payment to the supplier. 3/ DTCC – For some deals, we also accept the delivery of bank guarantees (BG) by DTC, also known as DTCC (The Depository Trust – Clearing Corporation). The advantage of DTC is that customers who use this process to provide a bank guarantee (BG) do NOT use SWIFTING FEES. DTC is a well-established international company, established in 1999 and registered in 2015 as a 1.5 Quadrillion Worldwide settlement, making it the world`s largest securities settlement-delivery processor. In addition, BG often helps companies manage their business with parties they would never be able to deal with. Many suppliers often choose to do business with customers with a BG; Because it reduces tax risk.

In addition, BG reduces its fear of not receiving the correct payment of the goods it sells. When importers/exporters are connected to do business, Trust is the glue that holds both parties. In such cases, the trust is no longer easy to maintain unless a third party gives a guarantee of unforeseen debts. If the tenant does not pay the rental fees and commissions of the intermediaries within twenty (20) bank days following the receipt of MT760 to BG/SBLC, The supplier will order the issuing bank to claim a claim on the financial instrument (BG/SBLC), thus forcing the lender`s bankers to return the MT760 financial instrument (BG/SBLC) to the issuing bank, and the lessor is liable for damages corresponding to 5% of the face value of the financial instrument concerned (BG/SBLC). We only deal with real deals, genuine people and guarantees from the leasing bank (BG) that need a real monetization of bank guarantee. The Euroclear and the Bank SWIFT Network are the gold standard that confirms that your Guarantee Bank Guarantee (BG) is real and offers a prestigious sector platform that facilitates guaranteed settlement. Connect your Sell Bank monetization operation successfully with Secure Platform Funding. To use BG MT760, the bank applicant must prove his creditworthiness. In addition, they may also take into account credit history and liquidity. In addition, they may also require a cash margin, liquidity or third-party guarantee.