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State Of Connecticut Consulting Agreement Affidavit

(a) Except as provided in section 10a to 151f, no public or quasi-public entity may perform a contract for the purchase of goods or services the contract of which has a total value of fifty thousand dollars for the Crown in a calendar or annual fiscal year, unless the public or quasi-public body receives the declaration referred to in subsection (b) of this division. (3) This affidavit shall contain, for each consultancy contract mentioned, the following information: the name of the adviser, the consultant`s company, the basic conditions of the consultancy contract, a brief description of the services provided and an indication of whether the adviser is a former civil servant or civil servant of the State.  Where the counsellor is a former civil servant or former civil servant, the affidavit must indicate his or her former agency and the date of termination of the employment relationship. Contracts with a value greater than or greater than $50,000 require certification of the agency by the official or staff of the authority of the Contracting State empowered to perform the contract. 4. Following the first submission of that affidavit, the principal or key personnel of the person, company or body shall not be required to submit that affidavit, unless the information contained in that affidavit changes.  If the information of the last affidavit submitted and required under this Division is changed, the principal or key personnel of a person, partnership or entity that submits offers or contract proposals in accordance with subdivision (a) of this Division must make an updated affidavit not later than thirty days after the effective date of such an amendment. or (B) when submitting a new offer or proposal, whichever is earlier. (d) If a tenderer or seller refuses to make the affidavit required under point (b) of this Section, the tenderer or seller shall be disqualified and the public authority or quasi-public body shall award the contract to the next responsible senior supplier or qualified tenderer, or shall seek new tenders or proposals.

The supporting documents mentioned below (and also on the right) are also required. The maximum value of the contract determines the insurance under oath or supplementary certificates necessary for the execution of the contract. (c) Any public body and quasi-public body listed in the tender specifications or in the call for proposals for each contract described in subsection (a) of this section the sworn reporting requirements set out in this section. Form 6A – This confirmation is mandatory and must be completed before the Contractor`s offer or proposal can be considered by the State in accordance with Connecticut General Statute § 1-101qq. This form requires the Contractor to confirm that the Contractor and its principal collaborators have read, understood and accepted the provisions of the National Ethics Act. Form 6B – This confirmation is mandatory and must be completed and returned prior to performance of the contract by the procuring entity in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes § 1-101qqq. This form is similar to Form 6A, except for the use of Form 6B without an offer agreement. Form 6C – This confirmation is mandatory and must be completed and returned in a timely manner. This form requires the Contractor to provide all subcontractors and consultants with a summary of the State`s ethical laws and to ask such subcontractor or consultant to confirm that the summary provided has been read, understood and accepted. . . .