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Settlement Agreement Muster

According to the FINRA report, of the 1278 cases closed in 2020, 15% of these cases were resolved by comparison or mediation. The model transaction agreements (also known as compromise agreements) will be made available to you free of charge below. They are all up-to-date and comply with the Equal Opportunities Act and other relevant laws. Remember that every case is different, so every transaction agreement will be different. Freida Draude and Ebba Clifton have agreed that this agreement will enter into force on Tuesday, 4 February 2003. AMOUNT OF THE STATEMENT. In consideration for such settlement and release, the defendant agrees to pay the claimant the amount of [SETTLEMENT AMOUNT] Dollars ($[NUMBER]) as full payment, subject to the terms of this Agreement. Payments are made according to the schedule set out in Appendix A (the “Settlement Payments”).