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Revive An Old PC With Linux

Do you own a computer that you thought you would send it off to the flea market? Do not do it. You can revive it even if it is home to spyware, viruses and maladjusted programs. And, even if you are not inclined to keep it, you can donate it and earn a good name! Because Linux has the answer. You can use it to perform pretty much every operation like browsing and e-mailing etc. Read through this blog post to understand the initial idea.

Revive An Old PC with Linux
Revive An Old PC with Linux

Let’s “Revive An Old PC With Linux”!

  • Ubuntu and Debian

So, how to go about it?  It is not all smooth sailing. After all, you must remember, you are not about to sit relaxed to operate a high-ended computer system with all its technical excellence in place. Be prepared to meet obstacles and to device ways to get out of many a hiccup. Gather all information about the PC you are trying to revive. These may include the size of monitor, the type of mouse etc.  First, pick a Linux distribution. You may consult sites like Linux Distribution Chooser. Ubuntu is one of them. This OS is built on a distribution called Debian. You are required to be technically knowledgeable only to some extent. Burn this to a CD after downloading it. Boot the PC from the burned CD. The installation process only serves to connect you to Internet. However, it allows downloading of software known as APT. This APT is instrumental in downloading the operating system and various applications that come with it.

  • Choose the Right Server

You will be offered an array of APT servers to pick from. You are well advised to try a few before settling down on one. Do not go for the one that seems to work on the first attempt.  When you zero in on one of the servers, see that it collects every piece of the OS. You may want to use some affordable cloud services.

  • Test the PC

Try and figure out the best configuration for you before setting one. Now, see if you have done something worthwhile. Try visiting some websites, try commenting on something you find interesting in a website and may be play some or other game. The idea is to put your PC through all the operations it is expected to perform and execute. Did you “Revive An Old PC With Linux”?

  • Linux Ecosystem

One readily agrees that this is certainly not the simplest of processes to get your PC going with the help of Linux. You can improve upon it by picking a distribution that can go to work the first time you tried and to avoid errors when you are installing the system. But, it is to be emphasized that Linux ecosystem sports a good number of diversity to enable you to complete the job.

  • Make Over from Windows

Chances are, you are deep into Windows culture (like most others are) and are not familiar with Linux to a great degree (Or not at all familiar). In which case, it is understandable that you are reluctant to shift to Linux. But give it a chance and see if you justifiably go over to Linux.

  • Linux is Free

If  you are a small business with not enough wherewithal to immediately to upgrade hardware or software in your PC, you can try diverting your efforts to utilizing the free OS that Linux is.

This is a Guest Post by @jennycorteza